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Port business

  • Iron ore

    Rizhao Port is the first level port in the ore transport system of China. It has two 200,000-ton ore berths and one 300,000-ton ore berth, with the ore yard covering an area of 1.9 million square meters, the storage capacity of more than 20 million tons, and the annual handling capacity of more than 100 million tons. As one of the terminals with largest ship handling capacity and berth capacity in China and the world, a world record of single ship unloading of 9,786 t ore/hour is hit here while the iron ore imports ranked first among the coastal ports in China. The iron ore handling capacity of the Rizhao Port will be over 150 million tons after the completion of the 400,000-ton ore terminal as the matching facility of the Rizhao Super Quality Iron and Steel Product Base

  • Transport of oil and liquid chemicals

    Rizhao Port is an important crude oil and liquid chemicals distribution center in the North China. It has two 300,000-ton crude oil terminals, one 100,000-ton oil terminal, and one 50,000-ton, one 20,000-ton, one 10,000-ton and one 5,000-ton liquid chemicals berth, with a 6 million m3 storage tank group built in the rear and the oil handling capacity of over 50 million tons. The overall annual crude oil throughput of the Rizhao Port will be over 100 million tons, making it become the largest international crude oil distribution center in China when the other two 300,000-ton crude oil terminal and supporting facilities are built and put into operation.

  • Container transport

    Rizhao Port has four container berths, the container yard covering an area of over 1 million square meters, and design annual throughput of over 3 million TEUs. The terminal is equipped with the domestic advanced container information management system, with more than 30 domestic and foreign trade container routes opened at present. The railway container transport business has developed rapidly: a number of regular railway container trains are available with the qualifications of cross-border transport. The goods can be transited from the port through railway to Central Asian countries, Mongolia, Russia, etc.

  • Coal transport

    Rizhao Port is an important coal export port in China. It has two 150,000-ton coal berths with the deepest water and largest capacity in China and one 50,000-ton coal berth, with the throughput of over 45 million tons. Known as the “Rizhao Port Efficiency”, a national record of coal ship loading of 9,486 t ore/hour is hit here. It uses the universal berths to carry out the coal import business, with the coal import volume ranked top among the coastal ports in China. Along with the redevelopment of the port railway and the development and construction of the southern area of the Shijiu Port Area, the 10,000 ton-train can directly drive to the port area and the coal throughput can be over 100 million tons.

  • Bulk grain transport

    The Rizhao Port has the largest bulk grain terminal in the coastal areas of China, including one 100,000-ton and one 50,000-ton bulk grain berth, with annual throughput of over 8 million tons. The terminal uses the world's advanced bulk grain handling equipment and has the automatic train and truck loading lines. In addition, it takes the lead in the port industry in China to introduce the automatic packing technology with industrial robots and can meet all the transit requirements of the customers.

  • Wood chip transport

    Rizhao Port is the largest wood chip transit center in China and Asia, owning the only one special wood chip handling terminal in China. It has four 70,000-ton wood chip berths and the specific wood chip storage yard covering an area of 100,000 square meters, with a storage capacity of 350,000 tons. The system can directly connect the pulp processing enterprises close to the port. The average daily throughput is more than 25,000 tons and annual throughput is more than 12 million tons. Its annual handling amount nearly accounts for 50% of the total imports in China. Its ship unloading efficiency and total amount of ship unloading stably rank No.1 among the coastal ports in China.

  • Timber transport

    Rizhao Port is the largest timber import, processing and logistics base among the costal ports in China. The port has the professional timber loading & unloading and transport machines and national imported timber quarantine and treatment area, with one-time storage capacity of more than 900,000 cubic meters. The highest records in China are hit in terms of the ship unloading efficiency, damage control, and distribution business. A National Imported Timber Trade Processing Demonstration Area is built near the port, and the imported timbers mainly include the monterey pines, North American pines and Russian pines, etc. from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Russia, etc. At present, the maximum unloading rate is over 10,000 cubic meters/day for the monterey pines, and more than 15,000 cubic meters/day for North American pines.

  • Nickel ore transport

    The Rizhao Port has a nickel ore yard with an annual storage capacity of more than 6 million tons and separate handling operations. Its day and night unloading efficiency can be over 30,000 tons. The imported nickel ore is mainly from Indonesia and Philippines, and then transited to a number of major alloy companies in China hinterland, such as Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, etc.

  • Iron and steel transport

    The Rizhao Port is an important steel import & export transshipment port in China, featured with complete steel handling equipment and facilities. It has the specific handling machines and tackles necessary for the steel coils, wires and profiles, and can satisfy the requirements of handling, warehousing and transport of a variety of steel. With the mature steel handling processes, the professional management is realized, with the annual transit capacity of over 10 million tons.

  • Coke transport

    Rizhao Port is the most convenient route to transport coke abroad for the central and western regions of China. With the specialized terminal facilities and special lines, for the domestic and foreign trade, its single ship coke loading efficiency can be 2300 tons/hour, the coke storage capacity is over 1 million tons, and the annual throughput is over 6 million tons.

  • Cement transport

    Rizhao Port has the largest bulk cement transshipment terminal in China, with two 50,000-ton bulk cement berths and world-class automated bulk cement loading system, and can directly connect the grinding stations of the cement companies behind the terminal, with annual transit capacity of 10 million tons.

  • Dried cassava transport

    Rizhao Port is an important hub port of raw materials for alcohol processing and has one 40,000-ton ship unloading berth, with annual throughput of over 5 million tons and maximum ship unloading capacity of 704 tons/hour. It annual imports rank first among the costal ports in China.

  • Container & passenger liner transport

    The "Rizhao - Pyeongtaek" route was opened in 2003. 3 ships are scheduled each week on this route and one-way journey will take 19 hours, of which each ship can carry 360 containers and 420 passengers. The seaway + highway multimodal transport between China and South Korea can be realized, and the customs clearance is convenient and fast. The service covers middle and south Shandong Province and North Jiangsu Province, and further extends to the inland provinces including Shaanxi, Sichuan and Guangxi through the multimodal transport network, so as to achieve the seamless connectivity with the inland areas. "RIZAHO ORIENT" is currently the most advanced passenger ro-ro vessel with the strongest comprehensive performance on the China - South Korea route, providing the best internal liner services to the passengers.