Wang Guili: to be the hardest one

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Operating post: catering supervisor of Bibo Hotel


 Demonstration of skills: since she took the job in March 2006, Wang Guili has grown into an outstanding person of the food and beverage service and the backbone of the catering management for 2 years. In 2008, she obtained the first prize for restaurant service in the 12th staff skills competition of the group company, the second prize for table dressing in the city-level tourism industry skills competition, in 2010, she was rewarded the "advanced individual of the city tourism industry" by the municipal tourism bureau, in 2014, she obtained the title of "the best service star" in Shandong hotel industry, and in the first service skills competition in Shandong tourist hotel industry, she obtained the first prize of the western-style food banquet table dressing in the whole province, and she was respectively awarded the honorary titles of labor prize for enriching people and thriving Shandong, technical expert in Shandong province, youth post expert in Shandong province and achievement-making woman model in Shandong province by prov