Lv Hua: ingenuity lights the dream of dedication

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In the eyes of colleagues, Lv Hua is a good Headman who thinks a lot and innovates a lot. “No matter what you do, you can only grow up with the pace of the times and the ports." That’s the comments for himself by Lv Hua, the Headman of the Electrical Maintenance Team for Gangdian Branch of Stock Power Communication Corporation.

Since his arrival at Hong Kong in 1990, Lu Hua has taken root in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of power supply system, has researched and summed up a number of “effective prescriptions” for power system failures, and has won the "Technician with Outstanding Contributions in Rizhao City", "Technical Expert of Rizhao City", "May lst Labour Medal of Rizhao City" and other honorary titles.