Liu Lei: “Ingenuity “Forging the Electrical Watchman

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Until July 6, gantry crane high pressure using power of the third stock company has been running for 1388 days without trouble. 40 gantry cranes have been running without high voltage failure for 3 years and 9 months, which resulted from the professional and normalized high-pressure maintenance of the equipment first team of the electric maintenance class.


"In the past, high-voltage power failure often appeared in the Westport area. All gantry cranes had to stop, waiting for professional high-pressure maintenance person to deal with, which may take a few hours, resulting in production delay and the embarrassing situation of relying on other people for the personnel who make a living on the electricity, ” said Liu Lei, who introduced high-pressure maintenance to the reporter and was the monitor of the equipment first team of the electric maintenance class of the third stock company. In January 2005, Liu Lei led a number of outstanding soldiers and won the third- class honor for two times and came to the third shared company after serving in the army, engaged in gantry crane maintenance, and have been working for 11 years.