Zhang Yongkuan: electric circuit "physician" of steel giant

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Breaking the world record of the ship unloading efficiency for three consecutive times is proud results of the second stock company. Equipments are always in the long-term high-load operation, so that the examination, service, maintenance work is particularly important. "Chief Technician of Rizhao Port”, monitor of the electrical maintenance class of the loading team, Zhang Yongkuan, is the outstanding worker of many craftsmen in the second stock company.


Zhang Yongkuan is the “attending doctor” of three equipments, which are the "heap feeder" "loading machine" and "reclaimer". He is experienced and skilled in repairing faults and curing equipments. He said: "tens of thousands of equipment circuits are equivalent to our body's blood vessels and nerves, which is the core and the most complex system of the equipment. A small limit error action may lead to system breakdown, so that it never allows the slightest mistake.”  In order to reduce the sudden electrical failure, Zhang Yongkuan leads the team to strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance and make the team equipment intact rate keep above 98.5% with rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting capabilities.