Tian Zhendong: an Electrician Striving for Excellence

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Tian Zhendong, 45 years old, is the monitor of the electrical maintenance team two of loading and unloading equipment team in NO. 1 shared company. From the apprentice to “Gold-medal work”, “outstanding technician”, winner of “May 1 Labor Medal” in Rizhao, Tian Zhendong has scarified youth and sweats in the electric post for 28 years and become a dedicated electrician.


He works hard at practicing skills and receives approval within only two years.

In the warehouse of electrical maintenance team two, the reporter saw Tian Zhendong, who was going to the working site for equipment inspection. Changing working clothes and looking for tools, he got ready to work within less than two minutes. “When serving in the post early times, the master was very strict and taught us lessons if being sluggish.” Tian Zhendong smiled and told the reporter.