Faithful “Partners” of Measuring Devices

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The morning fog has not faded away and the sun has just risen, surveyors have arranged the various measuring devices like theodolite, level gauge, and total station on the bank of port at the shore of Yellow Sea. Wearing white safety helmet, holding calculator and drawings, and shouldering operating instruments, the surveyors have started a stressful and busy day, in order to obtain accurate data for drawings making.

A surveyor’s work runs through every important stage of construction operation, and it is an indispensable link of each working procedure, and all construction works should be linked through surveying work, so as to guarantee the correct implementation of design intention. “Our surveyors have to do every surveying work well with prudent and responsible attitude as well as meticulous and progressive spirit.” Liu Wei, director of Measuring Room of Scientific Research Monitoring Center of Construction Group” told to the author.

“Being rigorous and meticulous” is the job requirement of every surveyor. It was just in winter when water depth surveying of ship berthing of Dalian Lushun Liaonan Shipyard was conducted. To guarantee the timely completion of construction, surveyors needed to complete water depth inspection, construction paying-off, and other tasks in several degrees below zero, and their hands frequently became red with cold.

“Hold on for a while, and the work will be finished.” A surveyor encouraged the “comrades-in-arms” and wrote down the measured water depth data with shivering hands. Under such working environment, the surveyors insisted on operation at sea in the cold, to complete the collection of all information with quality guaranteed on time.

“To Dalian in the north, and Fujian, Xiamen and Hainan in the south, our surveyors can be seen at every place with projects under construction. Sometimes, after receiving a surveying and mapping work with limited time and heavy task, our surveyors even would keep operation at sea for one month …” Sun Xiaoming with years of surveying experience introduced.

Surveying work is mostly composed of two parts, field data acquisition and indoor data processing. Through indoor data processing, all original data collected in field operation was edited and sorted up again, to become the technical data useful to project construction. Field surveying can most reflect the sense of responsibility of surveyors.

“Our work can be described in the way “doing the same thing in the coldest weather and on the hottest days of a year.” A surveyor measuring under the scorching sun smiled and said. As operating environment is unstable, sometimes good and sometimes bad, the surveyors have to work in the wind and rain, or under the scorching sun, and even need to bear the various physiological reactions due to seasickness. When base station or mobile radio station cannot be connected for GPS RTK signal is weak, surveyors need to wait for a long time.

From one surveying area to the other surveying area, surveyors repeat the same work in cycles. Under the joint efforts of team, the surveyors from Construction Group have completed the important surveying tasks one by one assigned by customers to Group Company. 100,000t-level Oil Wharf Water Depth Surveying of Rizhao Port Lanbei Zone Project, Water Depth Surveying of Rizhao Port Mud-dumping Area Project, Water Depth Surveying of East Revetment Water Area of Rizhao Port West Zone Phase II Project, and Water Depth Surveying of Container Wharf Basin of Rizhao Port West Zone Project have respectively won the second prize for excellent surveying and mapping products of Shandong Province; and Water Depth Surveying of Tug Docking Base Engineering Berth and Basin of Rizhao Port Tug & Barge Company Project has won the third prize for excellent surveying and mapping geographic information engineering of Shandong Province 2013.

Working hard and making silent sacrifices: they have witnessed the changes of port with youth; advancing, creating and sharing jointly: they have explained the enterprise spirit of Construction Group with action; wining trust with quality, and seeking for excellence: they have faithfully held up and tempered themselves with meticulous surveying work.