Ordinary things at an ordinary post

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An ordinary post cannot hide the employee’s graceful demeanor. At a dull and boring post, guards protect the safety of gate to south zone of Lanshan Port area with earnest and carefulness.

“Sorry, you cannot enter into the port, for your Pass Permit has expired, so please take your driving license, travelling license, and vehicle insurance, and go to Security Office to handle the Pass Permit again.” The guards can quickly identify the type and entry criteria of the incoming vehicle based on the color of its Pass Permit. There is only one entrance to port area of Lanshan Company, through which, more than 8,000 car-times come and go a day, and the guards are responsible for guard control as well as the inspection of personnel, vehicles and materials coming into and going out of the gate. A person without solid business skills and hard-working spirit is hard to adapt to the work rhythm of gate.

Document inspection, sysem confirmation, official seal tamping, and raising pole to let go, in several seconds, the guard control process is completed. With a little free time, the guards will be busy counting and checking the exit certificates, and they need to timely maintain the on-site order and make a rapid response according to emergency plan in case of sudden emergencies of heavy traffic in the gate. “Please stop and receive our inspection, thanks for your cooperation.” “Your radio frequency card information is incomplete, please reconfirm it.” “Your vehicle still is not allowed to pass, please queue to wait.” … Facing heavy work and “incomprehension” from customers sometimes, the guards insist on speaking and acting politely, and try to provide quick and warm service for the customers and drivers.

There is a section of railway track, dozens of meters long, in front of the gate to south zone of Lanshan Port area, and the guards are responsible for its inspection and cleaning. Trains have a high frequency to come in and leave the port, and a few of sundries on the track are likely to cause an accident, so the track cleaning is very important. “This track is narrow, and it is inconvenient to clean it with a shovel.” Facing the problem that the cleaning tools are uneasy to use, guards put forward their opinions: “if this shovel can be narrower sufficiently to be placed into the track, it will be better.” Act without delay. The guards cut the discarded steel plate into a rectangular shape a litter narrow than track, and then a steel pipe was welded on the rectangular steel, to form a simple and practical cleaning tool, therefore, reducing the track cleaning time to 20 minutes from one hour.

In addition to bold male guards, there are female guards forming a beautiful scenery in the gate to south zone of Lanshan Port area. “They are not inferior to male guards, and as responsible as male guards at work.” Zhao Weiliang, vice head of Guard Team of Security Department of Lanshan Company introduced, “in the first half year of 2014, several guards left and transferred job, and at this time, the gate control work was very busy. “One radish, one hole”, our female guards overcame the different difficulties and kept guard outdoors, and they would stand for additional 3 hours in one shift, and totally, they had to stand for 7-8hours a day, and also, they needed to treat multifarious inspection work. It was indeed uneasy to a group of girls after 90’s.”

It was rarely cool after thunderstorm. To reduce the road dust, guards cleaned the road surface with broom before the rainwater was not dry; on the coldest days of the year, sharp wind couldn’t be prevented by thick cotton-padded clothes, and the guards kept commanding to dredge the traffic to guarantee the vehicle access smoothly …These guards have quietly devoted themselves in their posts and showed the image of sunshine port with warm smile and polite and considerate service, therefore, forming a service logo and a rainbow.