Warriors in White, Escorting the Health

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“Health related, and life entrusted” is the responsibility and mission that each doctor from Port Hospital adheres to lifelong. Although it is the correct time to go to work at 8 o’clock, yet the doctors have appeared in the sickrooms just after 7a.m., starting the preparations of one-day work.

As the health guard of port employees and civilians around, the doctors have special job properties, for they have no complete weekends and holidays, and should be on call at all times day and night when they are needed by patients regardless of their age. Before going off duty, they should inquire the patients in each sickroom, which has become an occupational habit of many doctors. Jiang Dahai, deputy director of Internal Medicine Department I, and director of Infectious Disease Department, has insisted on this for over 20 years.

“Hi, I’m from Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and want to understand your recovery conitions and whether you hae any uncomfortable place in body …” At about 4:00 p.m., An Fengjuna, director of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology started telephone follow-up visits to discharged puerperae, to understand the infant’s health conditions, breast feeding conditions, and parturient recovery conditions, and conducted registration.

In addition, it is the same in all departments and sections of medicine and surgery. Opening the workbooks of doctors, we can discover that each discharged patient’s recovery conditions are recorded in details. The mobile phone of each doctor is stored with the phone number of patients. The doctors in follow-up visits always urge again and again to the patients “do not forget to take drugs, and please remember further consultation and abstinence…”

“To help the patients to recover to the best level in limbs and functions as far as possible, and help them to return to the society, so as to get their ultimate happiness.” This is the greatest wish of Liu Jing, a doctor after 90's from Rehabilitation Department. Every day, she will face different patients needing rehabilitation, and some patients with relatively serious sequelae are completely unable to do anything in their life, and they even cannot control urine and defecation in the rehabilitation process, so she has to help these patients to clean. However, it is most fatiguesome to do PT training. In this training, a doctor needs to conduct passive motion of patient’s lower limb joints. When a too fat patient cannot move his/her injured limb, the doctors have to shoulder such injured limb or two doctors coordinate with each other to help conduct passive joint flexion and extension and other practices. Each patient takes 40 minutes in one-time rehabilitation training. After a day’s work, the doctors are often so tired that they ache all over the body.

Once there was a dying veteran Red Army man taking office in Shanxi admitted to Internal Medicine Department due to large-area cerebral infarction. “We have chosen Port Hospital after deliberation,” his wife said: “apart from good service attitude, you have quite good service quality, technical force, professional skill, and medical equipment. The doctors here always observe the illness conditions carefully and adjust drugs elaborately, and we are at ease to live here.”

It is the year when Port Hospital improved its capabilities in 2015. In this year, the doctors from different departments and sections were active to learn new technology, and new program, and the successful development of surgical laparoscope serial operations, obstetric hysteroscopy serial operations, dental implantation, and other new technologies could help to provide the patients with more professional and safe diagnosis. In 2015, many critically ill patients of lienal rupture, acute cerebral infarction, pesticide poisoning, anaphylactic shock, and laparoscope colorectal cancer radical resection were rescued in succession.

“Anytime, only when a patient has a glean hope of survival, we will not give him/her up. If we give him/her up, what hope will his family have?” This is the belief of Li Jiangxi, head of Surgical Department, and also the voice of each doctor. “Absolute Sincerity of Great Physicians, and Benevolence of Doctors” It is the largest return to patients only when we treat them well.