“Accountants” in Water Meter Chambers

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On the long coastline of the port, there is an “accountant” team. At most time, the team members don’t sit in a spacious and bright office, but nest in a dark, narrow and wet water meter chamber. To guarantee the safety, high-quality and precision of water supply and measurement service of the whole port area, they have dialogues with different water meters, small or big, and go forward together with anfractuous pipelines. They are water metering maintenance personnel from Power Communication Company.

The daily operation maintenance of water supply pipelines cannot be separated from the support of accurate drawings. With the development of Group, the water supply pipelines needing management have been distributed in the whole east zone and west zone of Shijiu Port as well as middle zone of Lanshan Port. To design out accurate and reliable pipeline drawings, they carrying the toolkits and record books follow the track of port pioneers, walk on the paths with thistles and thorns, and pass through dark and damp low-lying bridge openings every day, covering about 400 water meters stretching to the rear storage yard of the First Company in the east, coke storage yard in the west, wharf of Oil Products Company in the south, and Railway Transport Company in the north. As many pipelines areburied underground in the initil stage of port construction, the pipeline running direction can only be determined by temporary valve closing. Sometime, they have to enter into the same chamber again just after their creeping out. “Hard work pays off”. After inspection and improvement for times, they have showed clear water supply pipeline network drawings of port area.

Some people summarized their work: “serving under the scorching sun, surveying on the scene before down day and night, going for maintenance in the wind and rain, and metering at different gestures.” Maybe, this is the authentic depiction of life of water metering maintenance personnel.

The maintenance personnel planned to additionally install one electronic flow meter in 7# gate on the two days of January 23 and 24, and they already coordinated with each customer and determined to stop water supply for these two days. However, “Something unexpected may happen any time.” The entire port area was swept by roaring north wind with flakes of snow. These iron men, to not delay the normal production of water using unit, still braved the cold weather and went down to the well according to the original plan. Due to rust, the valves at two ends of pipeline couldn’t be closed firmly, and there was water leaking out of the pipeline although water plugging airbag was used, as a result, the water in the well could not be discharged, however, they still had to continue their work. Guo Wei, Leng Weigang, and Zong Wenlei, three people had to wear rubber fork pants and stand in the ice-cold water, conducting cutting, hot melting, butt jointing, and installing step by step.

In the piercing ice-cold water, they felt tingling on the legs and hands, but still clenched their teeth and held on. To fulfill the task as early as possible, they just speeded up construction after eating boxed lunch in a bridge opening close to 7# gate at noon. Afterwards, Guo Wei sighed with emotion, “That bridge opening then was in the draught, and we were deeply impressed by that lunch. In the northwest wind, we even had no time to tremble, but only had one idea in our minds that we should go to work as soon as possible after eating.” Because of their working overtime and overcoming difficulties, the construction with an originally planned duration of ten days was completed with guaranteed quality and quantity ahead of time, so that normal water supply to customers was recovered.

Some people said, “Those engaging in metering work are good at mathematics, and they will know the water consumption of a certain period after checking the water meter under the shaft, and can find out the wrong figures after checking the data recorded in the books. Actually, they are not inborn to have these skills, and have not developed the skills in a short time, but they have developed the skills after practice by observing the data forms for days, and in this period, countless eye drops have been used up by them.

“Security and reliability are premises, guarantee of quality and quantity is foundation, and all are for the customer satisfaction.” This is a solemn promise made by water metering maintenance personnel. On the details of work, they are more rigorous to themselves, and absolutely forbid the errors of a decimal point or a figure.

These are water metering maintenance personnel, who explain the true meaning of life with silent service and sow the seeds of entrepreneurship. They will still proceed with the metering maintenance work in cycles and orderly day by day. They are ordinary, but have written a song of dedication.