“Builder” of Fine Blueprints

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“Design is a process of world transformation, and a way of thinking. It is not only as easy as drawing, and moreover, it will be integrated with appropriate culture and local conditions, and make plans for Party A’s operation and development, to realize change of ‘customer satisfaction’ to ‘customer success’.” Designer of Early Creative Studio of Construction Group Engineering Design and Consulting Company told to the author.

Some customers once said, “Many design works you finished are beyond our consideration, and they are artistic and also cost-saving, and the key is that they can improve the grade of our projects.” Entering into the office of Construction Group Engineering Design and Consulting Company, the author firstly sees the figures working seriously and concentrating on design. On the office table of every employee, there are lots of design drawings as well as professional books like Technical Specification for Portal Frame Steel Structure of Light-Weight House, Steel Structure Design ManualConstruction Design Code, and Structural Design Code, all of which are arranged in order. As we know, work overtime is very often in the design industry, and one design scheme may return to the initial draft even after several modifications, and many design personnel just sit in front ofthe computer the whole day. With such conscientiousness, persistence, and responsibility, the design personnel have showed the customers satisfactory schemes and drawn out a surprising number of precise construction drawings.

“Being rigorous and meticulous” is the basic requirement of every designer for their job. “Sometimes, Party A gives a short design time to us, and to show satisfactory design schemes or drawings, we have to work overtime, and even we will work the whole night in order to drive time limit. However, to satisfy the customers, we think all of these are worthy.” A designer modifying the design drawings said.

“Being responsible and accountable” is the basic quality of every designer. Here, it is often to see working overtime, working with illness, giving up holidays, and other engaged behaviors.” The author could not find an expression to describe this design team. They have spent the time and energy we cannot imagine in the work, just for the purpose of wining the customer satisfaction and trust.

In recent years, the company has strengthened the design talent team construction, and held one “Youth Classroom” every month, to build a platform for young employees to learn professional knowledge, exchange the work experience, and freely talk their ideals of life. “Today, I will give a lecture on how to organize the design personnel from different disciplines to work coordinately…” A leader of the company said when he gave a lecture in the “Youth Classroom” for the first time.

“No pains, no gains.” Under the joint efforts of design personnel, Shibei Economic Development Zone Administrative Service Center Project Scheme designed by our company was approved in one time, and then, we designed Baihe Landscape which became a scenery that Shibei is proud of,  which won the award of excellent project survey and design results 2015; Rebirth-Discarded Industrial Building Green Reformation Design scheme won the third prize of the 2nd green building scheme design competition of Shandong Province; QC outcome of Boiler Bay Dedusting Room Reformation Design of Rizhao Harbor Zone II won the second prize of excellent outcomes in building industry of Rizhao City; and the company took part in the planning and single design of Coast Vision Project, a project of major of Rizhao City in the whole process, building up a model image for market development of Construction Group.

Design work is just like a clock always on the run. Behind the excellent design works, design personnel have paid much physically and mentally. In the great journey of “third entrepreneurship”, they will still insist on the spirit of tenacity by heart and continuously paint the great blueprints of “13th five-year planning”.