“Tea Fairies” on the Packing Line

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In a flash, Bibo Tea Company has developed for 11 years. For years, the company has always strictly controlled each procedure of tea production, requiring zero error from research and cultivation, to plantation in the base, and to production and sales of tea, all links of production.

“We only can do a thing correctly if with prudence, and do a thing better if by heart.” This idea is deeply rooted in the heart of every employee, and tea packers are typical representatives of precision management of Bibo Tea Company.

Packing is the final procedure of tea processing, including tea sorting, screening, packing, and warehousing, four main links, and all of these links are undertaken by tea packers. Sundries and yellow leaves are contained in the raw tea after frying. A higher-grade tea should be sorted up preciously, to guarantee the content o yellow leaves and sundries to be zero.

The performance requirement of tea packing team is that 1.5 kg of tea should be sorted up an hour, to guarantee the quality and quantity at the same time. This is a work emphasizing patience and carefulness equally. And it is more commendable that the quality responsibility accident of tea packing in 11 years is 0.

All tea packers are female, including the young girls more than 20 years old and the women over 40 years old. The last procedure of packing, warehousing, is a threshold in front of them. The constant temperature cold storage in a packing workshop is 0—7℃ throughout the year. In the peak season of selling, there is a heavy task of tea packing, and the tea packers have to stay in the cold storage for more than 1 hour. In front of the packing task, they absolutely cannot affect the product sales, so in many times, they have to work in the cold storage even they are uncomfortable physically. 

The goods stacking height in the finished products warehouse is generally more than 2m, and each box of tea is up to 15kg in weight. For 11 years, they have independently undertaken more than 90% of warehousing tasks, so they are all “iron ladies”. In the sports meeting held by Power Communication Company, the delegation dominated by female tea packers from Bibo Team Company won the male delegation from the opposite side in the tug-of-war.

When spring tea and autumn tea are fried, tea factory often has lots of work and affairs to do. Many times, the tea packers have to take part in tea frying. Some will be responsible for tea leaf steaming, some for tea rolling, and even those excellent tea packers will be responsible for frying. The tea packers also will go to help when it is busy in Bibo Shanzhuang.

“We undertake tea packing in normal times, and go to fry tea in busy season. We will go to every place with needs”.” The tea packers always make efforts to do every work well. These tea packers have become the generalists of Bibo Tea Company.

Tea packing is a busy and cumbersome job, but these female tea packers are all happy dancers. On the New Year's Eve gala of Bibo Tea Company every year, many female tea packers will perform dance. They organize the dance shows and conduct rehearsal in the rest time after lunch. They have purchased many suites of stage clothes at their own expenses. After getting skillful at every dance show, they will organize rehearsal and take video and group photos for commemoration.

Over 11 years, accompanied by morning grow and sunset glow, these tea packers have undertaken the various tasks, and they have never withdrawn in front of the heavy manual labors. They are “tea fairies” on tea packing line, and the most beautiful laborers at the foot of Zhaoyuan Mountain.