Best Substitute

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The working mode of “8+1” is carried out in the post of loader driver of Ore Unloading Team of the Second Company.


“8+1” indicates that there are 8 fixed people in the loader post, and at most one mobile person is allowed to be arranged in each shift, which can be timely adjusted according to the production and personnel conditions.


“Substitute” in “8+1”


Zhou Bin is “+1” of operation team B.


“As different loaders have different actual parameters and properties, the control personnel of each set of mainframe machine are relatively fixed and have never been alternated easily.” A manager of Ore Loading Team introduced to the author, “because of this, “+1” in most shifts only do some auxiliary work: number record, patrol inspection, and calculation”, and will take part in loading only when it is required by production, and “+1” actually is the “substitute” or “supporting role” that the people know generally.


Wearing a red flower on the chest and holding a certificate in the evaluation of “Star of Loading” organized every month is the honor to every loader driver, and this evaluation is the stage of “8”. However, behind such glory, “+1” also plays a very important role.


Exact number recording is the basis to guarantee the loading quality. After inputting the tonnage to be loaded correctly, Zhao Bin is always more accustomed to taking more time to inquire the tare weight of wagons to load, correspondingly reducing the tonnage to be loaded, and then inputting and confirming again.


Someone said, “4000t, we may not take it too seriously.”


“However, why don’t we take it more exactly since we can do that?”


Through careful inspection, we can discover the hidden danger seeming unpromising, so as to guarantee the work safety. In one loading inspection, Zhao Bin discovered that the cantilever belt return “V” cleaner had one end dropped, and original stability would be lost for one point of three ones was lost, and the consequence would be very serious once the entity fell. So, he timely requested to duty room for stopping the machine and replacing the procedures as soon as possible. Although the loading work would be finished after several wagons were loaded, duty officer still adopted his suggestion and conducted corresponding treatment.


Someone said, “Hold on for a while, and the loading work will be completed in more than 10 minutes.”


However, it is absolutely forbidden to “hold on” an unsafe behavior.


Through accurate calculation, excess material refluxing can be reduced. When feed tonnage is calculated, generally after the corresponding value is worked out through formula, 10-20tons will be added, and then the material-taking driver will be told of this. Zhou Bin, according to the corrected value and in combination with the error of reclaimer, added 5-10t on the basis of the calculated value before telling the driver. In this way, about 10 tons of materials would be reduced every time.

Someone said, “We have a tilting cart to pull the materials, and there is no need to exactly control 10 tons and like.”

However, why don’t we reduce the reflux since we can do that?

Exchange with “leading role”

In one single-process operation of #3 loader all day long, seeing that the operating driver Chen Weixiang will continuously operate the second row, Zhou Bin said, “Mr. Chen, you just have a rest, and I will do this for you.”

“Mr. Chen, you loaded this?” After completion of operation, a sound of tuner was heard from the interphone.

“It’s me, what’s wrong?” Chen Weixiang, thinking that possibly something went wrong, actively took the responsibility.

“Very good, quite good, flatting is not needed.”

Hearing this, Chen Weixiang sighed with relief, and Zhou Bin also felt relieved.

To realize this, Zhou Bin has made sufficient preparations, recording the characteristics, parameters, and relation factors of each loader in details. “He will look over his brochure before going on a machine”. In this way, Zhou Bin has realized a perfect exchange with “leading role”.

Now, Zhou Bin is still “+1” of operation team B, and differently, he now has a new title “Best Substitute”.