Lv Hua: ingenuity lights the dream of dedication

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In the eyes of colleagues, Lv Hua is a good Headman who thinks a lot and innovates a lot. “No matter what you do, you can only grow up with the pace of the times and the ports." That’s the comments for himself by Lv Hua, the Headman of the Electrical Maintenance Team for Gangdian Branch of Stock Power Communication Corporation.

Since his arrival at Hong Kong in 1990, Lu Hua has taken root in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of power supply system, has researched and summed up a number of “effective prescriptions” for power system failures, and has won the "Technician with Outstanding Contributions in Rizhao City", "Technical Expert of Rizhao City", "May lst Labour Medal of Rizhao City" and other honorary titles.


“Famous expert” with diagnostic skills


In 2012, when the microcomputer monitoring and protection reconstruction project at 110KV port I station will be completed soon, Lv Hua and team staff Tian Hongxu, in equipment debugging, found that 110KV high voltage switch cannot be switched on.

"That's not reasonable," Tian Hongxu said in a puzzled voice. "It was meticulously altered according to the drawings." Without demur, Lu Hua analyzed the switching circuit one by one, searched for the No. of secondary connection diagram, and sought for the reason of fault in control box of the switch cabinet. The truth slowly surfaced, and it was that the “vibration” of the normally-open contact caused the poor line contact, resulting in the switch unable to be switched on.

"Headman Lv is absolutely an expert in diagnosing in the electrical equipment failure of the Port," Tian Hongxu told me with admiring. In the electrical installation works at 110KV port II station, Lv Hua promptly detected and corrected more than 70 design errors of construction drawings, and created a record of completion in 38 days.

In 2014, his Electrical Maintenance Team took only 3 months to complete the reconstruction of small current grounding system in port 3# station, port 4# substation, and West Port 6# substation, increasing the grounding fault alarm accuracy rate of high-voltage cable for the West Port to more than 95%.

In view of the frequent occurrence of non-fault trip in the bulk grain system of West Port, Lu Hua used the "five-step calculation method" for analysis, take Improving Control Loop and Reducing the Number of Tripping for Soft Starter of 3# Substation in West Port as the subject to tackle key problems, to decrease the average number of device tripping per month from 10.2 to 1.33, to improve the service life of the soft starter and the motor, to ensure the reliable operation of the loading and unloading operation for power consumption entity, and to shorten the shipping off time by 4.4 hours/month.


A creative “inventor"

Innovation comes from practice. In the cable laying project, Lv Hua innovatively implemented the construction process of "discharging aluminum towing pulley to lay cable by grinding and traction for the whole progress", so that the number of cable operators decreased to 1/8 of the original number, thus saving the annual cost of more than RMB 800000 for the company.

After many years of trial and error, Lv Hua continuously perfected the construction technology and process of flat cable, and repaired 6KV flat cable with “heat vulcanization for outer sheath of flat cable” and “cold vulcanization for outer sheath of flat cable”. At the same time, Lv Hua invented the intermediate head manufacturing process for 6KV flat cable, so that component life is extended from 2 years to 3 years, saving the annual costs of more than 10 ten thousand Yuan for the port.

As the person in charge of Microcomputer Remote Monitoring and Reconstruction Project of four substations for phase-I coal works in Rizhao Port, Lv Hua carried out the technological transformation to the OMRON 3E motor protection device and solved the technological problem in the action retention and remote reset by using the additional device so that the equipment investment of about 50 ten thousand Yuan were saved. Unattended operation were realized successfully to the old substation which have been put into operation for more than 20 years and 16 operators were assigned to other posts so that a large number of manpower costs were saved for the company.


“Foregoer” of the learning team


The leader is necessary for the work, and moreover, the overall quality of team staff also needs to be improved.

Over the years, Lv Hua has built a "learning organization" based on the vision of "knowledge worker, learning team and top-notch achievement".

Putting forward the concept of “master instructing apprentice” and stress that the breakdown maintenance site is just the training site, Lv Hua took the initiative to the Regulations for Equipment Maintenance in Substation, the Regulations for Equipment Test in Substation and the Diagram for Power Supply System in Rizhao Port for the purpose of skills training of young staff, summarized and refined the "4M" management method, strengthen the basic management, improved the level of delicacy management so that the team was awarded the honor of “civilized youth” at the municipal level for 9 consecutive years.

In order to solve various difficult problems in electrical equipment maintenance for the port, Lv Hua encouraged the members to innovate the technology and his team completed more than 10 innovated technology items successively, saving the costs more than 1 million Yuan and creating the benefits of 1.8 million Yuan for the company. The Electrical Maintenance Team has frequently been named the “excellent quality management team” at the national, provincial and ministerial levels.

The flight of time can not hinder the concentration and dedication of the skilled craftsmen. Working in Hong Kong for 26 years, the ordinary maintenance electrician has grown into the expert in the company. 

Times are pushing him age, but in the opinion of LvHua, as long as his skill can be demonstrated and promoted by his apprentice and plays a role in the production and construction of the port, he is most willing to pay more.