Xu Yujin, a dream builder with great originality

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Xu Yujin, the head of Xu Yujin Team of Rizhao Port Railway Transport Company, a guy awarded with 9 nation patents, successively received "May 1st Labor Medal of Rizhao", "Chief Technologist of Shandong", "Gold Medal Employee of Shandon" and other honorary titles, and also released quite a few papers and monographs, becoming dazzling card of Rizhao Port and the "craftsman" representative well known thorough the port.


In-turn learning team, avoid anyone lagging behind


Xu Yujin was demobilized from the troops to Rizhao Pot in 1989, what was entitled toprove his educational "level" was a graduation certification of junior high school. Xu Yujin, upon 30 years of exercise and growth, developed into a senior technician and chief technician of Shandong with a firm and persistent belief.

In the face of strange type of work, unfamiliar know-how and complex maintenance technology since Xu Yujin' s visit to Rizhao Port, he privately decided that he must studied hard and achieved skills no inferior to counterparts even though lower educational background. He made down to earth, steadfastly followed the master, learned from the simplest structure principles, he had taught himself professional books including Theory and Structure of Internal Combustion Locomotive and Assembly of Internal Combustion Locomotive; he recorded fault principles and solutions in details, and just the learning notes were stacked and up to be over one foot.

"No member should lag behind". In 1998, Xu Yujin was nominated as the first head of transmission team of internal combustion locomotive. For new situation of the locomotive transformation, Mr Xu raised the idea of "in-turn learning team" building in timely and appropriately manner, the members of the teams were deemed to be groups of "train wheels" of the locomotive in his idea, and Xu hope all the member pulled together and make progresses together to form maximum joint force.

"It is hazardous to be lazy in learning rather than lower education background", were supportive words of Mr Xu to all the members. When the team innovatively conducted "DF Forum", the veteran formed peer-to-peer relationship with the newbie, the master and the disciple staged and explained in turn, and analyzed and resolved problems together; the team set up the "learning bookstore", " race for post exercise ", and similar training platforms to cause the employees to intensify their learning and to improve their operation quality. The skills training effects of the team were significantly improved, the team was awarded with the title of " Nationally Advanced Team" in 2007, the member of the team became the maintenance experts of internal combustion locomotive, and 7 out of them were qualified with senior technicians.


I'm competent to act as a skillful craftsman instead of a scientist


Previously, intermediate maintenance of the locomotive had been outsourced maintenance, the charge was not only expensive but also a waste of time, and core technology of the locomotive failed to be grasped. From the beginning of transition, Mr Xu set an aspiration -- never worked as a layman by merely looking at the equipment.

When the first internal combustion locomotive was subject to intermediate maintenance, Mr Xu led the members without lingering or relying on the supports, actively requested for the assignments, and rose to the challenges. All the members looked up materials available, learned while dissembling and studied while working with ceaseless and utmost persistence, and they kept working 16 hours daily on average. Finally, they overcame hash difficulty of intermediate maintenance of locomotives. He have led the team and independently conducted intermediate maintenance of 18 locomotives, supplemental maintenance of 527 units/times of locomotives, and all these locomotives are started successfully.

Mr Xu was good at the exploration and constant innovation, and summed a series of practices.  The “maintenance efficiency technique” served as typical representative, he put the time, reason and maintenance method of the locomotive occurring at ordinary times on file in details, and Maintenance Technologies for Internal Combustion Locomotive and Emergency Processing Plan for Common Difficulties and Faults of Internal Combustion Locomotive, the worked prepared by Mr Xu, have been important learning materials for the trainmen, maintenance operators and newly enrolled employees of Rizhao Port.

The innovation atmosphere of the team spread under his leadership. The team made breakthroughs in 90 achievements, 19 out of which were awarded with national patents. Nineteen featured achievements and 5 real-name operation techniques----Hole Cover Observation Technique of Wei Guo, Seat Adjuster of Wang Jizi, Gearbox Die of Zhang Bo…, were successively named by “employee incentive practice”. All the employees of the team produced technology transformation achievement were entitled with their own names. The “maintenance system of name registration” followed the principle that “the person in charge of the maintenance should be responsible and take signature”, greatly improving the responsibility sense of the maintainers, and the maintenance quality of the locomotive went up from 92% to 96% and above, creating the miracle “top maintenance efficiency in internal combustion locomotives” and building the brand named “first team of costal ports in China”.

My dream is to build a team of technicians


Rizhao Port harbors “dream of famed port and powerful port”. Xu Yujin also harbored similar dream. Xu Yujin said: “My dream is to enable everyone to output achievements, everyone is registered with the patient, all the members are technicians, building the team into the “class of technicians”.

    Dazzling inventions and creations of the innovation team are fully placed in the labor model innovation studio, the equipment, ranging from tooling equipment weighting over 500 kilometers and special shaped and transformed bolts with invisible sizes, are numerous to count. What making Xu Yujin be pride of is the " transformation of fuel pump oil seal ",  Xu Yujin and his team had experimented with several types of materials at that time to solve the problem of oil leakage of fuel pump, finally solving the problem of frequent oil leakage of the fuel pump and prolonging the service life of the fuel pump after one year of tests. That invention was awarded with the second prize of Shandong Excellent Innovation in 2013.

Since job Xu Yujin took the job, he contributed "skills" surprising many counterparts, becoming technical innovation leader of Rizhao Port. He formed the Spirit of Xu Yujin called "bold to undertake, and continuously innovate”, and it is also the most appropriate interpretation to is the "craftsman spirit" of Rizhao Port.

To achieve the dream of the "class of technicians", Mr. Xu sets up two professional training rooms for the power system and transmission line, actively conduct the "peer-to-peer guidance" technicians and demonstration and guidance roles of labor models with the help of two platforms, namely the "Shandong Workstation for Technicians" and "Rizhao Innovation Studio for Labor Models", and firmly steps and advances bravely on the journey of casting powerful Rizhao Port just as many Rizhao people.