Yu Jun: Endless pursuit on craftsmanship

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There is a handsome "Old pier" hanging 40 meters high above the seaside is called Yu Jun. He is a crane driver who works in a bridge crane team in a container transportation company. He serves as vice captain of the bridge crane team. As the young winner of "May 1 Labor Medal" of the city, his dedication and conscientiousness in his more than a decade of lives facing the sea perfectly interpret the spirit of craftsman, unregretted youth, the courage of pursuing the dream.


God help those who help themselves: 30 boxes per hour of the “New cadreman”

Casting the hook grabbing the box, lifting anddropping the boxes, a set of smooth movements completely finished without producing any sound, the perfect parabolas in the sky drawn by Yu Jun make every person impressive who witnessed Yu Jun’s work. He often says he is not clever, but he believed that god help those who help themselves, that everyone can improve as long as he makes effort.

12 years ago, Yu Jun spent three months’ time passed the bridge crane drivers’ professional qualification test and acquired the certificate. Since then he started his career as a sky bridge crane driver.  40 meters high in the air, the almost transparent driver cab, waiting for the loading and unloading of the huge bumpy ship in the sea, made the young man feel fear. "Do not give up because it is difficult, methods are always more than difficulties." He thinks. Yu Jun carefully observed other man's working process In his free time, then practiced the drills alone repeatedly in the monotonous cycle – cast the hook, grab the box, lift the box, drop the box ... ... "The joystick grinding made my hands bubbled, the unchanged posture made my neck stiff, these physical discomforts counted nothing indeed, as compared with the loneliness of one man looking into the sea at a high altitude. This loneliness is hardly tolerable"

Soon, Yu Jun became the cadre man of the work team. The growth from a bridge crane novice who completed less than 20 regular boxes per hour, to a capable man who can complete more than 30 regular boxes every hour, only took him a year. "A stable grabbing, a perfect grabbing " "soundless operation ", "Parabolic operation line" have become Yu Jun's special label, particularly his "soundless operation " is widely spread in the container terminal of Rizhao Port. Since 2004, he has accumulated more than 240,000 regular containers, and realized safe work of more than 2,300 days of without accident since the beginning of 2008. In December 2011, he created a record of 469 regular containers by single work.


Unchanged will; the 98.75% of the "Good driver"


17 years after entering the port of Rizhao, Yu Jun's youthfulness already faded while his bright and piercing eyes appear more firm and calm. For him, Rizhao Port’s daily progress makes him feel proud, but something unchanged are his ingenious craftsmanship and the sound of the waves always in his ears.

Yu Jun combined the "Parabolic operation” with "Reduce the height of lifting", and created an original system called “Efficient operation of bridge crane ", that won the “Outstanding economic and technological achievements in Rizhao City in 2015. In Yu Jun’s eyes, completing the task safely and with high quality does not make a genuine "good driver", only continuously study and innovation can transmute a man into a "good driver".

"If any device is out of the failure, our first reaction is not seeking maintenance, but looking for brother Yu!"Zhai Feng, colleague of his bridge crane team, said directly. In order to better ensure the safety of the equipment and enhance the efficiency of operation, he continued to study the electrical, mechanical knowledge related to bridge crane. If he can solve the problem, he’ll handle it by himself and never delay the working time of the equipment. The most popular slogan in the bridge crane team currently is "Self-maintenance I can do". "No matter what trivial things, as long as it saves money, team leader Yu will take us to get to work. For saving is earning!" team member Shoo Yang says honestly and smilingly. When the restitution of the anchor is not normal after the release of anchorage limit, he adjusted and tested it again and again in his spare time. As the equipment needs regular maintenance, he read the instructions in the control manual and does lubrication from place to place, time and again. Only in July this year, the bridge crane team completed a total of 49 self-maintenance items and saved the maintenance costs of about 20,000 Yuan.

Yu Jun's shoes are always the dirtiest and wearing the fastest in the team. "It doesn’t mean he do not care, he runs to patrol the yard every day if he’s free. A round trip between the two berths 2920 meters. Running up and down the12 bridges, iron shoes are hardly wearable." said Wang Pong, a 90s’s generation young man who just joined the team. Yu Jun considers that yard patrolling, daily random inspection and special inspection on equipment can effectively reduce the malfunction rate.  At the same time, he took the lead to set the rule of "Monthly examination system”,"Equipment charter management system",  "Equipment spot inspection system", “Shift change system, "and other measures to strengthen the daily regular management.  From January to July this year, the bridge crane team found and solved a total of 46 kinds of hidden danger, and reached 98.75% of guarantee rate of the equipment under a high working frequency.


Spirit of gears, 20.5 hours of the "Iron team”


At 19:30, on March 21, 2016, 4 whole days after the heavy fog’s sealing the port, as the weather turned a little better, the anxiously waiting ship” Sunshine’s holy age" took the lead to anchor on the west No.16 berth. One must finish the loading and unloading work in the shortest time, make sure to minimize the loss of the shipping company, the company issued the command of an emergency mission.

Yu Jun received the task, immediately led his team staff to take the place early. Five big bridge crane laid down the arms, the wharf is of a fully busy scene ... ...  without equipment failure during the work, the key operation berth completed successfully, company Zhongguxinliang’s delivery record in the port  was once again refreshed, the operation time took only 20.5 hours.

"In the bridge crane team, everyone is a gear, is combined with each other, passing energy to the next node. The work reflects the personal values and team strength." It is just under the guidance of the spirit, Yu Jun proposed the “Node control method in bridge crane safe operation” to the company, as a basic instructive training materials for new bridge crane operators. He actively trains new apprentices; he establishes personal files for the new team members, and selects tutor for different new members.  The trainer trains the apprentices; the trainer examines and the apprentices if meeting the requirement. He amassed fresh reserve strength for the company's container’s stevedoring development. Yu Jun and his team members often refresh the company operating record, since 2007, for 9 consecutive years his team has obtained the titles of the company's outstanding team, safe team. In 2012, he and his team won the honorary title of "National workers’ pioneer" awarded by the Chinese seafarers union.

Always seeking the truth and the road is long and far, an ingenious mind is in the blue sea. Yu Jun, the "Bridge crane man in the sea", works hardly day and night. With his hard-working hands and firm paces, Yu Jun exhibits a common craftsman’s unremitting work for the Rizhao Port container development’s speed and strength. On the path of seeking the dream, he has been endlessly pursuing, always struggling to move forward.