Anning: Innovation casts the brightest brand

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An Ning is the electrical maintenance supervisor and senior technician of technical department of oil products company supervision. Since working in 1988 and in the face of the new equipment and new technology are increasingly automatic, An Ning with the love of the cause of the port, works assiduously and constantly improves business skills, from being unfamiliar to port electrical technology, to being familiar to it, then to mastering it and at last to innovating.

Through 20 years of tempering and developing, An Ning becomes the backbone and senior technician of the port electrical technology. His hard work and silent dedication wins him the general prae of his colleagues and the recognition of leaders. He has received the chief technician of Rizhao Port, Shandong province’s "Enriching People and Revitalizing Lu" Labor Medal, the Chief Technician of Rizhao City, the Chief Technician of Shandong Province and other honorary tites.


Diligence, Thinking and Innovation


As a technical staff, An Ning gives full play to his technical specialty, conscientiously performs his duties, and makes contribution to the development of the port. He is familiar with and masters the port oil products handling equipment, electrical control technology of coal handling equipment, and maintenance techniques; he masters performance principle of all kinds of PLC and variable-frequency drives and independently handles all kinds of difficult problems; He works out of more than 20 technical transformation scheme including reactor added to variable-frequency drives outside, quantitative loading PLC technology transformation; He participate in writing more than 30 procedures including operating procedures of oil transfer arm equipment .

An Ning repeatedly won the top three places in the technology competition of group company and in 2014 won the first place of the eighth labor competition of the provincial port and waterway system. He has been responsible for the skills identification electrical professional course training for 80 people including oil loading workers and pump men. More than ten electrical technicians and senior workers are cultivated through the way of "master workers guides apprentices"

An Ning is devoted himself to studying technology, excavates the potential of a device to create efficiency and carries out various forms of technological transformation for hot and difficult problems affecting production. Transformation of techniques of uploading ship through the train pump fills the blank of only swallowing without vomiting of the 100,000-ton crude oil dock. The connection of Sinopec Group’s bossiness storage to the company’ loading pipeline through “drilling under pressure technology” realizes the integration of rail loading in Lanshan- Sinopec Group-Rizhao port area. He led the technical staff to study the valve anti-freeze technology transformation, self-repair and self- maintenance. Therefore, electrically operated valve) saves more than 1 million of spare parts cost.

An Ning has participated in more than 30 technical transformation projects, and repeatedly involved in carrying out QC technology research activities, which on the one hand optimize the techniques and equipment performance and on the other hand reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. He makes positive contribution to the development of the company's high quality and efficiency. "waterproof cover" invented by him won national patent of the new utility model and others.


Making contribution in the position

As an electrical maintenance supervisor, An Ning is responsible for technical management of all the electrical equipment and control system of the company. Based on site management, focused on inspection of the equipment operation and according to the actual situation of the equipment, An Ning strictly requires equipment overhaul quality and skills through the timely formulation of preventive maintenance plans, maintenance standards and other measures to ensure the normal operation of the system equipment.

An Ning has participated in the construction of more than 20 large-scale maintenance transformation project such as the 100,000-ton terminal electrical upgrading, 20,000-ton berths oil transfer arm transformation. When time is limited time and task is heavy, he arranges reasonable working time with engineering technician and optimize the transformation program and constantly works overtime to ensure that each project can be completed on schedule and minimize the impact of f construction on production .

Dealing with equipment failure is generally in urgent need. Although his workplace is far from home, An Ning has always been thinking about production and rushes to the company at once. Moreover, he often works overtime. In recent years, under his leadership, very difficult technical problems like variable-frequency drive with no output were solved many times. His ability to work and professionalism have been highly praised in the company. He guarantees the smooth production, and establishes quality service image of the company and many times has been rated as the company's advanced individual, brand employee.

In the "oil depot expansion project", "5000 / 20000T terminal project" and "spherical tank area construction" of the oil product company, he participated in the equipment debugging, quality inspection and so on from beginning to end and put forward more than 20 reasonable recommendations and they were adopted, which improve the equipment Safety and optimize techniques. For the smooth operation of the project, he has done a lot of fruitful work. In February 2014, in the spherical tank area debugging stage, he has been working at the scene without holiday for 2 months. He participated in various types of debugging work of pumps and control system and the formulation of the "spherical tank and pipeline replacement" technique program to ensure that safe loading and unloading of propylene, C4 liquefied hydrocarbon of spherical tank area.

In the face of the growing automation of the new automation equipment and new technologies and having realizing his own disadvantages and pressure, An Ning keeps learning new knowledge and new technologies and strives for making his own contribution to the development of the port.