Xu Yibin: Do the Top Technology Brand

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Facing the development demands of the company and production technology problems, Xu Yibin, operating department director of ore transport company of Lanshan company, from what he learned finds the key to tackling the problem and from the practice explores the path of technological innovation. He becomes a technology brand of "stepping forward in the hour of need, emerging at critical moment, excelling in the moment of tackling problem ".

constantly perfecting his skill, studying diligently and training hard

Those who have craftsmanship spirit must be extraordinary. Craftsmanship spirit explained by Xu Yibin is to love his work and be devoted to it, do things with great care and constantly perfect his skill. In 193, after graduating from Municial Labor Bureau Technical school, Xu Yibin became an electrician on door machine of Lanshan company.

"if I do, I will do the best." The plain words show the Xu Yibin’s ultimate pursuit of technology. As a "second generation of Rizhao port", Xu Yibin likes to consult the predecessors about technical problems, which becomes a shortcut to his rapid learning. Encountered a problem which can not be solved temporarily, Xu Yibin doesn’t follow the customs to replace with new pieces, but constantly analyses and studies the old pieces, and actively explores the maintenance methods.

Through diligent study and strenuous training and tempering in hundreds of projects, he soon became the backbone of the team. In 2003, Xu Yibin transformed the electronic control system of  5 #, 6 # door machine of more than ten years. He designed his own electronic control system and the preparation of procedurals and transformed the original conventional control into the PLC control, which greatly enhance the safety and stability of the door machine operation and make the old workers look at him with new eyes.

With the spirit of dedication to the work, Xu Yibin constantly perfects his skill in every programming and wiring details. With a set of excellent motor maintenance technology, Xu Yibin develops eight technical unique skills including the " rapid adjustment of large aperture pipy belt torsion" and has repeatedly won the first place of Lanshan company’s staff and worker technical competition electric handling (electrical) maintenance project.

The "cable-oriented reversing gears ", "switchgear platform car height adjustment device" and other technical inventions independently researched and developed by Xu Yibin won 10 national patents. In 2010, Xu Yibin obtained the golden blue collar certificate issued by Human Resources and Social Security Department of Shandong Province and in 2014 won honorary title of the fifth " chief technician of group company".


Increasing efficiency through innovation and cutting cost

"the success of inheritance lies in innovation." The vast fertile soil of Rizhao Port provides plenty of space and nutrients for the growth of Xu Yibin. Japan Yaskawa variable-frequency drives are widely used in Lanshan company but due to 24 hours of continuous operation, their core components IGBT burned in large part. In the past, the IGBTs of each variable-frequency drive were completely replaced regardless of how many pieces burned, but in fact only 2-4 pieces are often completely damaged. With years of experience in maintenance, Xu Yibin found that in the measurement positive resistance 0 Ohm means that the IGBT burned out, about 2 kilo ohms means the IGBT is aging and unstable in work, 3-4 kilo ohms means parts are normal and after measurement can be reused. In 2008, Xu Yibin repaired and made use of old and waste IGBT of nine variable-frequency drives, causing 150,000-180,000 yuan is saved every day. 

 Ore transportation system is currently the pipe belt conveyor system of the largest integrated capacity in Asia, with its length of 8.6 km. 700 high-pressure sodium lamp distributed along the line are controlled by the same command and calculated by the site needs of an average of 15 hours / day, 574875 degrees of electric energy will be consumed a year.

In the actual production process, Xu Yibin found that only the transfer towers were needed to open for lighting during daytime production, but all the lamps along the line were open at the same time, resulting in wasting a lot of energy. He led the team to distinguish between the transfer tower lighting area and line lighting area and changed the single-way power supply into two-way power supply. Having satisfied the need of lighting, the tower line zone control and two-wire interval control method reduces lighting energy consumption of the whole line by 30%.


Imparting the knowledge without reservation


Technical work has always been the process of learning, accumulating, and imparting. Xu Yibin, who relies on the experience of the older generation to grew up, deeply understands the importance of the "mentoring". He never begrudges his hard-won technology and always imparts them to others without reservation

When he served as electrician class monitor of a mechanical company, more than twenty apprentices were trained by Xu Yibin single-handedly. some of them became electrical technicians and Xu Yibin was rated as intermediate internal lecturer in 2013 by Lanshan company. With years of accumulated experience in the maintenance, Xu Yibin builds test bed of Omron PLC control variable-frequency drive and starts to write the book called port handling electric machinery maintenance skills

In 2014, since appointed as operating department director of ore transport company, for new employees with no operation experience, Xu Yibin, based on the actual situation, created the whole process tracking training, in which he guides New employees step by step during the whole process from the use, maintenance and safely and regularly control of equipment to reaching quality standards technology.

“Work is a kind of cultivating oneself. For 20 years of working in the frontline, some people gradually reducing passion for struggling, but I have learned and understood how to persevere bit by bit.” Xu Yibin smiles and shares his work experience, "We have to be filled with thirty for knowledge, ordinary mind, self-confidence and pursuit of high quality and do things step and step and carefully and strive for the best, only because we don’t want to have any regret." Xu Yibin explains the craftsmen spirit with hard work, wisdom and persistence and creates a wonderful life in a trivial position.