Liu Lei: “Ingenuity “Forging the Electrical Watchman

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Until July 6, gantry crane high pressure using power of the third stock company has been running for 1388 days without trouble. 40 gantry cranes have been running without high voltage failure for 3 years and 9 months, which resulted from the professional and normalized high-pressure maintenance of the equipment first team of the electric maintenance class.


"In the past, high-voltage power failure often appeared in the Westport area. All gantry cranes had to stop, waiting for professional high-pressure maintenance person to deal with, which may take a few hours, resulting in production delay and the embarrassing situation of relying on other people for the personnel who make a living on the electricity, ” said Liu Lei, who introduced high-pressure maintenance to the reporter and was the monitor of the equipment first team of the electric maintenance class of the third stock company. In January 2005, Liu Lei led a number of outstanding soldiers and won the third- class honor for two times and came to the third shared company after serving in the army, engaged in gantry crane maintenance, and have been working for 11 years.


Chief technician cultivation


Speaking of electrical maintenance, Liu Lei who is kind and honest, said showing a confident smile on his face: "This is high voltage of really high risk, and only we have high pressure maintenance qualification in addition to (shared) Dongtong Company in the entire Rizhao Port.” As a result of military service and study in military academy, 32-year-old Liu Lei pays more efforts than others to be engaged in electrical maintenance.


After work, Liu Lei always went into the information room and the bookstore, digging into the academic books and reinforcing the professional basis. Only after a year, he has mastered the equipment knowledge, theoretical basis and operational skills of the gantry crane PLC inverters’ work. Diligence and perseverance equip him with the ability to work independently.


"I worked so hard, meaning to tell young people, as long as you are willing to endure hardships and loneliness, you can be a giant of technology with promising in your industry despite of your base.” In order to improve the efficiency of maintenance and repair quality, Liu Lei created the "packaged maintenance method" combined with on-site maintenance needs, to improve the working efficiency. The method has been widely used and promoted in the maintenance practice and was named "Liu Lei packaged maintenance method" by equipment first team.


To sum up the work experience in time, Liu Lei wrote a number of technical papers, of which two papers "Air Compressor and Gas Road Water Exclusion Methods and Applications in the process of Bulk Operation" won the third prize of papers of equipment management science and technology in Shandong province. In January 2016, Liu Lei stood out from many employees, won the honorary title of the sixth "chief technician of Rizhao Port ".


         Tucano Action

With the continuous development of the port, the number of gantry cranes of NO. 3 stock company was increased from the past 25 to 40, berths increased to 6 and the working line span increased to 20 km, the electrician class bore increased responsibilities.


"We should eliminate the hidden trouble in the bud like Tucano killing worms, to improve the company's production efficiency and this ability lies in a solid theoretical knowledge and excellent practical experience, accompanied with using the brain to think and comprehend by heart.” Liu Lei organized the class to carry out "Tucano Action" to increase the intensity of electrical equipment inspection.


Liu Lei implemented the equipment management model with point check as the first and maintenance as the focus, normalizing the "Tucano Action". Through the point check to find the problem, timely solved after inspection, the electrical maintenance class draw inferences from the same instance to make key investigation to the same batch of gantry cranes, eliminating the equipment failure in the bud, so that the equipment intact rate remained at 99% or more. The team has been awarded as "learning enterprise demonstration base" and "independent maintenance management benchmark" by the group company, and has won the honorary title of national, provincial and municipal "excellent quality management group of transportation industry".


Acquiring core technology


Before 2008, due to the technical monopoly of equipment manufacturers, when in face of PLC inverter and other core equipment failure, it has to be reported step by step and waiting for the manufacturers’ maintenance, the efficiency of the gantry crane operation was seriously affected. In order to break this embarrassing situation of being controlled by others, Liu Lei convened the backbone of the team, set up the research team, disassembled the G7 series inverter for no less than a hundred times and kept the location of more than 100 circuit plugs in the heart, finally achieved the breakthrough from “watching others repair”, “learning from others repair” to "self-maintenance”, significantly reducing the equipment maintenance stop, saving the annual maintenance costs of more than 200,000, providing valuable experience for the multi-model PLC inverter technology.


"Encountered with problems, Liu always got to the root of the matter, and will not quit until the resolution of the problem" associated monitor of the technical maintenance class Feng Wei said, "the study results are extended to the whole class, so that everyone could share his results." As his colleagues said, through level training, centralized training, round training, group training, network platform exchange and other training methods by Liu Lei, common learning and common improvement was achieved among the team members.


“People should not forget his root, my technologies are taught by the master hand by hand, and I will pass them down without reservations. Although the current electrical components continue to upgrade, but craftsmen spirit of focuses, patience and excellence will not change, nor will it outdate.” After “Liu Lei model worker innovation studio” was established, Liu Lei had more sense of responsibility of “master leading the apprentice”. In order to allow more staff to master the PLC inverter “maintenance tricks”, Liu Lei actively works in the PLC inverter test stand, gantry crane electrical room, maintenance warehouse, teaching his colleagues his unique skills hand by hand.