Zhang Yongkuan: electric circuit "physician" of steel giant

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Breaking the world record of the ship unloading efficiency for three consecutive times is proud results of the second stock company. Equipments are always in the long-term high-load operation, so that the examination, service, maintenance work is particularly important. "Chief Technician of Rizhao Port”, monitor of the electrical maintenance class of the loading team, Zhang Yongkuan, is the outstanding worker of many craftsmen in the second stock company.


Zhang Yongkuan is the “attending doctor” of three equipments, which are the "heap feeder" "loading machine" and "reclaimer". He is experienced and skilled in repairing faults and curing equipments. He said: "tens of thousands of equipment circuits are equivalent to our body's blood vessels and nerves, which is the core and the most complex system of the equipment. A small limit error action may lead to system breakdown, so that it never allows the slightest mistake.”  In order to reduce the sudden electrical failure, Zhang Yongkuan leads the team to strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance and make the team equipment intact rate keep above 98.5% with rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting capabilities.


The "pioneer" of Equipment maintenance


"Monitor Zhang is quick tempered. With problems unsolved, he can not sit just like sitting on the fire.” Liu Pan in the electrical maintenance class told the reporter. “Any delay is not allowed. An hour’s delay may lead to the unloading delay of thousands of tons of goods.” Zhang Yongkuan came out from the workshop and said hurriedly, “Let’s go, Xiao Liu, follow me to change this circuit board.”


For the trouble influencing the normal operation of the equipment, Zhang Yongkang led the team members to carry out technical research. Since stacker reclaimer was put into operation, overload control of bucket wheel reclaiming is a long-standing problem. In 2014, the company planned to carry out the development and transformation of "bucket wheel reclaiming overload monitoring". After consulting the manufacturers, each bucket wheel machine costs up to more than 200,000.


Starting from the electronic control system and taking the main motor operating current of the bucket wheel hydraulic station as the monitoring object, Zhang Yongkuan led the team members observing the bucket wheel reclaim process for 3 months, and decided to develop the automatic limit protection system of bucket wheel reclaiming overload detection independently. After the completion of the transformation, the bucket wheel reclaiming overload realized real-time detection and monitoring, adding the limit and protect function at the same time, successfully solved the bucket wheel reclaiming overload problem, which can save nearly 5 million each year for the company.


Under the leadership of Zhang Yongkuan, since 2010, the electrical maintenance class won the title of the outstanding quality management team of the Group for five consecutive years. The two scientific and technological achievements of "Reduce the failure rate of the heap reclaimer rotary mechanism limit torque coupling" and "Reduce the failure frequency and sliding of the stacker-reclaimer" obtain the National Transportation Industry Excellence Award.


People who are familiar with Zhang Yongkuan know that he is a man who loves study. As long as he is on work, he is either in the maintenance scene or around the jurisdiction equipment to ask operators about the operation of the equipment. This dedication and focus was a habit developed by Zhang Yongkuan with so many years, and what prompted him to develop this habit is a "distressed" experience.


In the early times of the ore system put into operation, the stacker-reclaimer was frequently utilized and the core electronic control components ABB high voltage vacuum circuit often breaks down and can not normally open or close. A new vacuum circuit breaker costs more than 80,000. A row of replaced circuit breakers were stacked in the warehouse covered with dust. Each time Zhang Yongkuan saw the machines, he felt painful in the heart. Zhang Yongkuan initiatively apply for repair from the team and led the team members to find information, research pictures, carefully check circuit breakers, trace the cause of the failure and determine the repair program. Through purchasing suitable spare parts, the team successfully repaired four circuit breakers, saving the cost of more than 300,000 for the company. Tasting the sweetness, Zhang Yongkuan turned to the expensive imported electromagnetic brakes, large low-voltage circuit breakers, and the repaired electrical components were worth more than 1 million yuan.


Zhang Yongkuan led team members to make continuous breakthroughs in the field of technology and completed more than 100 technological transformations, among them, one national invention patent, seven national new utility model patents, 40 scientific and technological achievements of the group or company-level, and the "limit controller" was named “Zhang Yongkuan limiter.”


"Maintenance champion" graduated from technical school


The starting point of highly skilled Zhang Yongkuan is not high. In 1991, he graduated from Rizhao Technical School. With interest, Zhang Yongkuan entered into the maintenance industry. Because of poor foundation, Zhang Yongkuan always focused on business learning during his 25 years’ working. Ore handling equipment introduced by the company had a high degree of automation and complex and diverse electronic control system; only with comprehensive grasp of electronic control knowledge can one be competent for the work. At that time, the technical information available for learning is only an instruction book mostly in foreign language and Zhang Yongkkuan consulted core technology from the engineers in the company and taught himself “frequency control system", "programmable controller application technology" and other courses.


"In the field of maintenance, technology is the capital, if one had bad grasp of technology and can not repair the equipments, he will not only lose face, but feel sorry for the company's wages because of the delay of production." Those days of rushing to copy the information and look for drawings made Zhang Yongkuan understand the importance of knowledge.


In order to facilitate the young staff to learn electrical maintenance, Zhang Yongkuan looked up relevant literature and wrote a number of electrical maintenance processes and management systems combined with years of experience in maintenance. "The maintenance processes and management systems wrote by Mr. Zhang provide a particularly good guide for us to quickly grasp on-site maintenance technologies. In daily life, Mr. Zhang is not only eager to learn by himself, but also encourages us young people to learn," said by Jia Zhiqi in the electric maintenance class.