Tian Zhendong: an Electrician Striving for Excellence

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Tian Zhendong, 45 years old, is the monitor of the electrical maintenance team two of loading and unloading equipment team in NO. 1 shared company. From the apprentice to “Gold-medal work”, “outstanding technician”, winner of “May 1 Labor Medal” in Rizhao, Tian Zhendong has scarified youth and sweats in the electric post for 28 years and become a dedicated electrician.


He works hard at practicing skills and receives approval within only two years.

In the warehouse of electrical maintenance team two, the reporter saw Tian Zhendong, who was going to the working site for equipment inspection. Changing working clothes and looking for tools, he got ready to work within less than two minutes. “When serving in the post early times, the master was very strict and taught us lessons if being sluggish.” Tian Zhendong smiled and told the reporter.


In 1989, 18-year-old Tian Zhendong came to the port to become an electrician and became an apprentice led by the master. “It was not long before I was overwhelmed by lack of professional knowledge and often didn’t know what to do when the equipment was in trouble.” He recalled, “it was the words of Master ‘Only having the real techniques, can you hold your post tight’ that gave me the courage to insist.” Tian Zhendong determined to learn real skills, practice well, and make a living by real abilities.


In order to be familiar with the operating principle of the equipment as soon as possible, Tian Zhendong draw a thousand operating circuit pictures by hand within half a year with only a copy of the electrical schematic diagram, from a component to another and a single cable to another. “It’s really hard, and I often want to give up.” Looking back at that time, Tian Zhendong lost into deep feelings.


For the fact that his theoretical knowledge can not meet the needs of the actual work, Tian Zhendong attached same importance to working and learning and has self-taught "PLC Application Technology", "Hydraulic Transmission Principle" and a series of professional courses. For two years, every time of maintenance, Tian Zhendong always rushed to the front and volunteered to work if he can, and learned from others if he can not. "I have a faith, learning the technology and leaving no regret."


In a major overhaul, Tian Zhendong’s excellent performance finally got the master's approval. "Since then, as long as I can complete the work by myself, the words most frequent used by the master were you can finish it yourself" In this way, electrical maintenance position which often cost three years to finish apprentice, Tian Zhendong achieved an independent powst with only two years.


Rigorous and meticulous attitude leads to excellent achievements


Team equipment maintenance rate of 100%, equipment failure rate of 0.47% or less, more than 6 months of zero equipment failure within a year, are the achievements of Tian Zhendong, as the monitor of electrical maintenance team two.


"Every time to work, Mr. Tian always takes the initiative to take the lead without any hesitation. His rigorous work attitude and excellent technology inspired us,” team member Qin Yang said.


There are a total of seven employees in the Tian Zhendong’s team, mainly responsible for maintenance work of 5 stackers, 20 belt machines and substations and ancillary equipments of No.1 shared company. In the huge yard, the distance between each equipment was very far and the workers often walk from a point of operation to the next point, the walking distance of each team member was no less than 5 km and it's common thing to walk back and forth of the nearly 30- meter stacker for several times a day.


Long lines, many points, dangerous, less manpower, are not the most difficult parts. “The real difficult part was the company's equipment spare parts of a variety of models and poor system matching so that the maintenance is very difficult." Tian Zhendong said.


“But there was no excuse for any failure” Tian Zhendong takes “fine management, self-maintenance” as the main line and implements the management model of “four overalls, three converts and two foundations”, making the annual work plan trace the exact location, accurate day, and responsible person; setting up the inspection rules and standards and determining the team performance from 5 aspects of safety production and equipment technology; developing “three inspection control system of high-voltage cable”, “key control measures of motor replacement” and other systems, forming a complete "motor replacement files”, "High pressure cleaning maintenance records”. In 2015, the team led by Tian Zhendong completed 863 maintenance plans and rectified more than 90 hidden dangers of the equipments.

If careful observation, the reporter found there were many small cracks in Tian Zhendong’s hands. “This is because his saving money, leading us to dismantle the old lines and wrap around the old lines, it’s not unusual for the cracks in the hands," Zhang Yan smiled and said by joking. In the maintenance gap, Tian Zhendong led the team members to repair old equipments and employ the waste ones, and made the replaced spare parts to be repaired and reused on the equipments, saving about 68 million yuan of the cumulative cost of spare parts for the company.


Keeping improving and never stop innovating


"Skilled workers should always dedicate in digging up technologies, as long as putting the heart, there will always be something out. We hope that through our efforts, every machine of the company can continue to run down." The team created a model innovation studio, learning from each other and constantly improving their skills. Under the leadership of Tian Zhendong, the team members were not left behind, continuing the technology innovation and improvement in the equipment maintenance


In recent years, through the equipment and technological innovation, the cumulative cost savings of more than 1.70 million was spared by the team for the company. In 2014, the team transformed the C-3, D-3 metal separator detection coil, the performance of which was better than the original Japanese production, after a year follow-up inspection, just as the maintenance personnel said, "there’s no necessary for maintenance with excellent performance.”


Behind the successful transformation were not only efforts, but the insistence after times of failure. “If giving up half way without insistence, I will regret”, in order of having no regret, Tian Zhendong has hosted and participated technological innovation and transformation of 18 equipments, achieved more than 100 results of "five small innovation", 5 national patents, and won the first prize in the company’s electric engineering technology competition for five consecutive years. "This year we have declared five patents, which have been authorized, but the certificate has not come out," Tian Zhendong introduced.


“Electrician Tian” was originally a joke name to Tian Zhendong's, just because he was like a waiter and seemed to be busy every day. But Tian Zhendong made the joke into reality with 28 years of persistent adherence, making the title become the electrical equipment security insurance in the hearts of the employees.