First 10,000T Heavy Load Train Arrived at Our Port from WaRi Railway Station

时间:2017-11-26 11:56:37 作者:Li Ling 点击数量:56

By November 25th 14:10, carrying 96 C80E heavy vehicles, the total weight of 10224 tons of coal train enter into Rizhao port through Rizhao south station, which is the first 10,000T heavy load freight train, and also the first 10,000T train to be unloaded in Rizhao port since its opening.

According to the arrangement of the Railway Corporation, the Ji'nan Railway Bureau carried out the test of the 10000T heavy load freight train on the WaRi Railway Line from November 24th to December 1st. As the test is successful, WaRi Railway Line will become the 2nd railway transport channel with 10,000T of load after DaQin railway line. Since then, 10,000 tons of coal trains in Rizhao Port will also become the norm, and goods freight in"great quantities" will further highlight the advantages of railway transport, it has important sense to strengthen the Rizhao port status for coal output, and play an significant role of logistics in the "Belt and Road" construction.