First overseas wharf operation and maintenance project in Port of Rizhao was put into use

时间:2017-08-19 09:58:17 作者:Meng Lingji Jin Kaili 点击数量:38

  On 9:50 a.m. August 17 of local time, the Pacific Talent Ship successfully moored alongside coal-unloading wharf of Kasim Marine Terminal in Pakistan, which means the Kasim Marine Terminal, which is under joint operation, maintenance and management by Port of Rizhao Group and Sinohydro Habor Co., Ltd., was officially put into use. As the first ship moored alongside coal-unloading wharf of Kasim Marine Terminal, the Pacific Talent Ship has wheel length of 190 m, width of 32.6 m, designed draft of 11.3 m, and coal loaded weight of 50000 tons.

Kasim coal-fired power generation project in Pakistan is currently the largest and most advanced thermal power plant under construction, which is jointly organized and planned by Chineses government and Pakistan government, and is landmark project to implement China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. As matching facility to coal-fired power generation project, coal-unloading wharf of Kasim Marine Terminal has wharf structure of 70000 tons, and designed annual trafficability of 5.2 million tons. It has two sets of bridge type and grab bucket type ship unloaders, belt transportation system, material piling and picking system and other matching equipments and facilities.

The successful use of the wharf lays solid foundation for safe and sound