Opening of Liner Route from Rizhao to the Middle East

Date:2017-07-18 16:09:32 Author:Jia zongjie Li ling Click:1

On the morning of July 17th, “CNS Huaihai” liner heading for the Middle East started its shipment, which symbolizes a formal opening of the liner route from Rizhao to the Middle East. Shipped with 28750 tons of cargos (steel material and cast pipe, etc) at Rizhao Port, the liner will be successively affiliated to main ports in the countries along the “Belt and Road”, such as Singapore, India, Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and so on. On July 16th, Rizhao Port Group signed a cooperation agreement for the liner route from Rizhao to the Middle East with Shanghai Changhai Shipping Co., Ltd. At present, there are 13 ships from Shanghai Changhai Shipping Co., Ltd, which are running on the route to the Middle East. After opening of the route from Rizhao to the Middle East, there will be 2 liners to Rizhao Port every month, which recently aim to ship steel material, cast pipe, vehicle and other cargos and subsequently plywood and oil, etc. 

The liner route from Rizhao to the Middle East is the second terms-based general cargo liner route following the opening of Sino-Australia liner route on March 23rd. The opening of this route is an important initiative that Rizhao Port Group fully fulfils the “Opening and Activating Rizha” strategy, comprehensively carries out the spirit of the 11th session of the Standing Committee of Rizhao City and makes effort to create a comprehensive pivotal port and a model port, which is extremely significant for improving the popularity and influencing force of Rizhao Port and promoting the economic exchange of Rizhao, Shandong and even wide port hinterlands with the Middle East.