Rizhao Port Group ranked the group championship of the staff sports meeting held throughout Rizhao transportation system

Date:2017-06-15 00:00:00 Author:admin Click:1

On June 10, the staff sports meeting throughout Rizhao transportation system was held in Shandong Water Polytechnic, Rizhao Port Group team won 13 individual champions and 3 team champions and ranked the first based on a total team score. Zhang Maozong, the chainman of labor union, attended the opening ceremony. Our port selected 53 elite athletes from the first staff sports meeting participants to participate in all the track and field events, 6 fun events and 3 team events on behalf of the Group, highlighting the spirit that staffs of Rizhao Port struggle tenaciously for the first rank and setting up a good social image.

As far as we know, the team from Rizhao Federation of Labor Unions ranked the eighth of the team-mixed event and the sixth of men’s singles during the badminton match of the 7th provincial staff sports meeting ended on June 13, when four employees from our port were listed in the team of Rizhao Federation of Labor Unions.