“Rizhao--Southeast Asia” container liner is officially launched

Date:2017-10-18 08:23:58 Author:Li Ling Click:82

On October 17, with the successful opening of “Navigator of Rizhao Port” liner loaded with 180 containers, the “Rizhao--Southeast Asia” container foreign trade routes which has linked to many countries for the first time and operated independently by Rizhao Port Group is officially launched.

It is said that the liner shall berth in Ho Chi Ming Port of Vietnam after 7 days. The “Rizhao--Southeast Asia” route sets sail from Rizhao port every Tuesday, linking successively to Shanghai port, Ho Chi Ming Port of Vietnam, LEAM Chebang of Vietnam and Bangkok port and so on. It mainly exports the building materials and agricultural products in Rizhao central region as well as all kinds of goods in Shanghai, while the import goods are mainly bulk goods in Southeast Asia, such as cassava, fruit, rubber, grain and so on.

After route of this liner is launched, not only the layout of Rizhao foreign trade container line can be optimized to open up a new channel for shipping from Rizhao to Southeast Asia and provide convenient and efficient logistics service for customers of Rizhao, south Shandong and other regions as well as countries in Southeast Asia, but also it achieves eficient connection with the launched international railway container liner from Rizhao to Europe and Central Asia, which shall further facilitate the economic and trade exchanges among Europe, Central Asia, our central and western regions as well as Southeast Asia. It is of very important significance for further enhancing the international service capability of Rizhao Port, promoting the facilitation of transportation and trade, and enhancing the “the belt and road” economic and cultural exchanges of countries along the road.

Since this year, in order to do its best to run “container, oil, business, industry and finance” and modern logistics, implement “open and active city” strategy, strive to create “the belt and road” comprehensive pivotal port, and initiate “go out” policy, Rizhao has successively launched some projects including the cooperation between Gasim coal unloading terminal of Pakistan and Melaka Gateway of Malaysia. And for land route, it has launched the “Zhaorongou” (from Rizhao to Chengdu and Europe) and “Rizhao--Central Asia” container international line; for sea route, it has launched the “Rizhao--Australia” and “Rizhao -- Middle East” general cargo line.

Sailing of the “Rizhao -- Southeast Asia” route is another important achievement for Rizhao Port to open up the Maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century. As the operation unit of this route, Haitong Ferry Co., Ltd., subordinated to Rizhao Port, has promoted actively the sailing of the Southeast Asia routes, based on the mature experience and market resources obtained from the operation of the Pacific route, to build a boarder career platform and growth space for customers and partners.