Rizhao Port : Official Commencement of Shijiu Port Area East-South Coal Transfer Project

Date:2017-10-18 08:22:53 Author:Li ling Click:113

On October 17, Shijiu Port Area East-South Coal Transfer Project of Rizhao Port was officially commenced, marked a new chapter of development and construction of Shijiu Port Area South Area.

Shijiu Port Area East-South Coal Transfer Project will gradually move the coal transport function made in East Area of Shijiu Port Area near main urban area to South Area of Shijiu Port Area far away from the urban area. The empty area after moving will be used for development since it connects with Lighthouse Scenic Area and “Hailongwan” project, which will extend the ecological bank line of Rizhao and improve the value of land development, at the same time optimize the space layout of port and urban.

Rizhao Port will always adhere to the resource-efficient concept during the project implementation. Large key equipment that can be used, such as car dumper, stacker-reclaimer shall be moved for subsequent application. Green environmental protection concept shall be embodied in the project design with latest dust control and dust suppression technique applied in the new coal yard. Construction of the project shall be accelerated to shorten the construction period to the largest extent through scientiic organization and reasonable arrangement. It should guarantee that the pilot run of advanced project can be achieved in June 2019 and construction of Phase I system can be completed in the first half of 2020. In this way to realize the “east-south coal transfer”, improve the clean production level at port, thus to minimize the influence of production at port on life of citizens.

In the meanwhile, after moving, the train entering and leaving port shall be adjusted from “North in north out” to “South in south out” gradually, which will further optimize the organism of production at port, improve resource utilization and production efficiency. The project will promote an overall transformation and upgrading of the port from coal handling procedures and land resource development, which attach great importance to the construction of green port and integration of city, port and industry.

It’s reported that the Shijiu Port Area East-South Coal Transfer Project, as a crucial measure to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of port, is conducted according to the spirit of 11th standing committee of Rizhao municipal Party committee. Since it’s the key project of kinetic energy conversion between new and old energy, Rizhao Port will make full use of the opportunity and further invest more than 36 billion Yuan in the following few years to accelerate the ten construction projects of port. As one of the ten construction projects of port, Shijiu Port Area East-South Coal Transfer Project not only determines the function layout of south area of Shijiu Port Area and construction order of projects, but also influences the construction progress of “South bulk cargo and north container”. The starting of the project will boost the whole function adjustment of Shijiu Port Area, especially will inject new vitality to the development and construction of south area of Shijiu Port Area.

Taking it as an opportunity, Rizhao Port will also speed up the modification works of containerization in west area of Shijiu Port Area, to improve the transportation capability in all aspects. Crude oil terminal and auxiliary projects shall also be accelerated, to establish 4 10,000-ton class crude oil terminals and crude oil transport capacity of more than 80 million tons, which will further expand the transportation scale of crude oil.         

The “internally guidance and externally contact cooperation” will also be promoted and LNG wharf and cruise terminal shall be constructed, to complete the function of port service and city development. The trafficability and cargo handling capacity shall increase 100 million tons until 2021, achieving more than 450 million tons, which will build Rizhao Port a comprehensive pivotal port of “the Belt and Road” and transferring base of important resources, raw materials and containers in the world.