Rizhao Opened Container International Train to Central Asia

Date:2017-09-13 10:35:42 Author:Li ling Click:109

On September 12, a train with 41 containers slowly drove out from special railway line for container of west harbor district of Rizhao port, marking the official opening of container international train from “Rizhao to Central Asia”. 

It is reported that the train will leave the country from Khorgos, by way of central Asian countries including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrghyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. With more than 7700 km and weekly shift, the train will run about 15 days and mainly carries auto spare parts, numerically-controlled machine tools, plastic products and daily necessities.
As a crucial node city along the course under the background of “The Belt and Road”, Rizhao is endowed with particularly favorable strategic resources and status. Foreign trade routes “Rizhao to Pingze” and “Rizhao to Busan to Kunsan” can meet the trading requirements between China and South Korea in previous time. With the opening of “Rizhao to Central Asia” container train, goods exported from South Korea arrives at Rizhao through above mentioned trading routes and then will be transferred to five countries in Central Asia through “Rizhao to Central Asia” trains , which will largely expand the business scope of the port.

Recent years, Rizhao Port Group is striving to achieve breakthrough while enhances its original businesses and started to prepare from May of this year to open the “Rizhao to Central Asia” train and succeeded. By doing this, a more stable source of goods will be provided to original two trading routes for Rizhao Port, and the communication between the port and countries in Central Asia will be accelerated. Therefore, Rizhao port will play an important role as marine node for “The Belt and Road”, promoting the development of economy of Rizhao, even south Shandong.

Back to September 6, China Pavilion Shandong Week Series activities kicked off in Astana World Expo held in Kazakhstan.
In promotion and negotiation conference of green “The Belt and Road” project cooperation supported by Shandong, Rizhao Port Group signed friendly cooperation agreement with local enterprises. At the same time, a large amount of goods has been transported to Central Asia through “Rizhao to Central Asia” train, with Kazakhstan as an important station, upon the opening of the container international train, which can be regarded as great achievements completed by Rizhao Port Group in “The Belt and Road” by Astana World Expo.

In recent years, Rizhao Port Group closely follows the overall development thought of “one goal, three orientations and five strategies” laid out by municipal Party committee and municipal government under the strategic background of “The Belt and Road”, forges ahead with determination by overcoming difficulties and improves with reform and innovation, thus achieves new achievements and improvement regarding to various works.

With “The Belt and Road” initiative, Rizhao Port Group actively put forward the policy of “going out” and conducts projects such as coal unloading terminal at Port Qasim of Pakistan and Melaka Gateway cooperative project of Malaysia. In addition, it also opens “Rizhao-Chengdu-Europe” container international train and “Rizhao- Australia” and “Rizhao- Middle East” general cargo ship routes. Rizhao Port Group will be committed to constructing Rizhao port as an integrated hub port and demonstration port in “The Belt and Road” through connecting “node” to integrate the “Road”.