Research of Vice Minister of Ministry of Transport Dai Dongchang

Date:2017-08-26 11:26:52 Author:Li ling Click:101

provincial Department of Transportation, and Liu Zhaoliang, member of Standing Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor. And there were many other related persons participated in the research, such as some relevant provincial and municipal officials, Cai Zhongtang, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Rizhao Port Group Co., Ltd., and Liu Tianguo, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Rizhao Port.

On the construction site of Hailongwan Project, Dai Dongchang listened design plan and process of repair and renovation project of port shoreline. He said we should take the opportunity of this project, further optimizing development structure of Rizhao Port, improving port environment, and constructing Green Port.

In Rizhao Port Exhibition, Cai Zhongtang reported conditions of port commodity structure, planning modification, major construction projects and intelligent port construction, and also introduced the process of "One Belt and One Road" initiative here, as well as transformation of new-and-old energy and sea-railway combined transportation. Dai Dongchang showed positive attitude to our active research for intelligent port construction and the promotion of deep integration of information and port intensive transportation, and we were required to deelop the potential of sea-railway combined transportation, advance the transformation and upgrading of the port, and accelerate the intelligent transportation construction.

In Rizhao Board of Trade Co., Ltd, after listening report of operating mode, innovation of product and services, swap transaction, and other situations of the Company, Dai Dongchang recognized and praised the hard working in promotion of platform agglomeration effect and upgrading of ecological environment of industrial chain.