Rizhao Port formally started the “Rizhao-Chengdu-Europe” international container railway express

Date:2017-06-13 00:00:00 Author:admin Click:106

On May 27, the “Rizhao-Chengdu-Europe” international container railway express jointly created by Rizhao Port, Jinan Railway Bureau and Chengdu Railway Bureau was formally started. Tu Jingchang, a member of Rizhao Municipal Party Committee, attended the opening ceremony and delivered an address, Wang Yunhong, deputy secretary-general of Rizhao Municipal Government, presided the ceremony, Liu Guotian, general manager of the Group, Liu Hongqing, Rizhao Station of Jinan Railway Bureau, attended it and delivered addresses, relevant principals who came from Rizhao Port & Shipping Administrative Bureau, Rizhao Customs, Rizhao Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Rizhao Maritime Safety Administration Bureau, Rizhao Frontier Inspection Station and so on, attended the ceremony as well.
As we know, this railway express starts from Rizhao Port and reaches such countries as Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany, etc, via Chengxiang Town in Chengdu and Alataw Pass, with full distance of about 11,000 km and running time of about 15 days, which is far less than the sea transport of 60 days, so as to provide a fast and efficient logistics corridor for transit cargoes in regions around Rizhao, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and Australia, etc. Based on this railway express, Rizhao Port can absorb sources of goods exported from Korea and countries in the Southeast Asia to China and Europe and those from Rizhao Port to Europe, Central Asia and the west region of China, to open a new two-way economic and trade exchange channel and further improve the status of Rizhao Port as an important node of “the Belt and Road”.
At present, Rizhao Port has opened more than 30 domestic and international trade routes, including international routes such as “Rizhao- Qunshan- Busan”, “Rizhao- Pyeongtaek” and so forth, as well as many domestic container railway expresses such as Rizhao Station to Chengxiang Station, Shilong Station,  Yanzhou Station (N), Heze Station (S) and Jiaozuo, etc.; cargoes transited at Rizhao Port can be transported to the Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries by train, which lay a good foundation for development of sea and railway transport and transit transport.