The International Logistics Park of Rizhao Port Group has developed the first coke business.

Date:2017-05-17 00:00:00 Author:admin Click:1

At 6:10 a.m., May 17, a 50-carriage train with a full load of 2400 tons of coke slowly pulled into coke track 2 of Rizhao Port, which marks that the special coke railway line of Rizhao Port has been formally put into operation. There are two new coke railway lines which have been put into operation at present, namely coke track 1 and 2, with wide operation areas.

The formal operation of special coke railway lines guarantees the expansion of coke business, benefits the storage, loading and unloading berths special for coke in the south area and lays a solid foundation for the consolidation of coke loading and unloading at coastal ports of Rizhao Port Group.

Over the years, Rizhao Port has possessed certain advantages in the coke production capacity, loading and unloading efficiency, service quality and other aspects, and it has developed into the second largest coke loading and unloading port in China.