Six scientific and technological achievements of Rizhao Port passed the appraisal of experts

Date:2017-06-12 00:00:00 Author:admin Click:1

On June 12, China Port Association organized the expert accreditation committee inside and outside Shandong Province to appraise six scientific and technological achievements declared by Rizhao Port Group. Wang Jianbo, deputy general manager of the Group, attended the appraisal. After questioning, discussion and so on, the appraisal committee agreed that six scientific and technological achievements had reached the domestic leading or international advanced level. It was reported that six achievements applied for this appraisal included “Application of TD-LTE Multimedia Broadband Digital Cluster System in the Port Production”, “R&D and Application of Pipe Conveyor Management and Monitoring System Based on the Digital Sensing and IOT (Internet of Things) Technology”, “Research and Application of Repair and Remanufacturing Technology for Large Loaders”, “Integrated Research and Application of Port Fertilizer Handling Technology and Equipment”, “Development and Application of Comprehensive Protection Devices for Portal Crane Wire Ropes” and “Underwater Bed Leveling and Dredging Ship”