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Development Objectives

• Rizhao Port Group aims to construct an international first-class port, create a credit port, an intelligent port, an efficient port and a green port. Based on massive dry and bulk cargo transportation advantages, this group focuses on the promotion of transformation and upgrade and innovative development of this port and the creation of “the Belt and Road” comprehensive hub port and normal port, a global important transfer base for energies, raw materials and containers, a national first-class comprehensive port logistics service platform and Bulk Commodity Exchange Centre according to the requirement for coordinated development of “container, oil, commerce, industry and finance”.

• By 2021, Rizhao Port will increase 26 productive berths, totaling 82 berths, of which there will be 4 super-large berths of more than 300, 000 tons, with berth grade up to 400, 000 tons; new and expanded navigation channels will be up to 98km; throughout capacity of new ports up to 0.1 billion tons, port throughout up to 0.1 billion tons, full-port throughout up to over 0.45 billion tons, container throughout up to 5 million TEU and crude oil throughout up to 80 million tons; turnover of the Bulk Commodity exchange centre beyond 500 billion Yuan.